Remembering Des Penny, 1950-2021

Thanks to everyone for their kindness and service during the past few months. I have been too numb to write proper thank you notes, but my family and I really have appreciated your friendship and support. The link for the memorial is on YouTube at   Obituary  link written by our daughter Bridget. There are also a few videos of Des. One of my favorites is with our granddaughter who now uses his guitar in her band:   In Facebook under Canyon Reverb are several videos with Des singing in a band, from Nov. 2018 to May 2019,  Canyon Reverb  (recordings are not professional, but we had fun). Another one is Lonesome Boatman in the Performance playlist. Des wrote the words and the violin is supposed to sound like seagulls. Remembering Des with Much Love, Sara Penny Photos from the Day of the Memorial: Thanks to everyone who gave flowers and food. It was a great comfort. We also appreciate those who donat

Photography Basics by Sara Penny

 In the past I have taught high school photography in Texas and a course for Elderhostel at SUU. The cameras were 35 mm before digital, but many of the concepts are still useful. It was wonderful to introduce people from all over the country to our beautiful southern Utah landscapes in the Elderhostel program. Coming in through the tunnels to Zion was wonderful with people who were seeing it for the first time. Many of the technical points are from Kodak publications. (Photos by Sara Penny, unless otherwise noted.) Zion National Park pulpit view in late winter. Three armed basketball player shows how a merger with the background impacts photography. Trees can appear to grow out of people's heads. Look twice and see how background is positioned with your subject. This was taken by a student at Forest Park High School when I was the photography and journalism teacher while we lived in Beaumont, Texas.  Guidelines are for a 35mm camera, but still useful ideas for digital. These were e