Photography Basics by Sara Penny

 In the past I have taught high school photography in Texas and a course for Elderhostel at SUU. The cameras were 35 mm before digital, but many of the concepts are still useful. It was wonderful to introduce people from all over the country to our beautiful southern Utah landscapes in the Elderhostel program. Coming in through the tunnels to Zion was wonderful with people who were seeing it for the first time. Many of the technical points are from Kodak publications. (Photos by Sara Penny, unless otherwise noted.) Zion National Park pulpit view in late winter. Three armed basketball player shows how a merger with the background impacts photography. Trees can appear to grow out of people's heads. Look twice and see how background is positioned with your subject. This was taken by a student at Forest Park High School when I was the photography and journalism teacher while we lived in Beaumont, Texas.  Guidelines are for a 35mm camera, but still useful ideas for digital. These were e

Ashokan Farewell for Solo, Ensemble, or with Voice + Lover's Waltz

Jay Ungar says this lament was a "tear in the eye" piece for his first performances. It is one of my favorite pieces. I hope you will learn it. Here is a link to his family band performance:  Jay Ungar and Molly Mason Family Band performance Here is the piece with voice:  Priscilla Herdman singing   ASHOKAN FAREWELL The sun is sinking low in the sky above Ashokan The pines and the willows know soon we will part There's a whisper in the wind of promises unspoken And a love that will always remain in my heart My thoughts will return to the sound of your laughter The magic of moving as one And a time we'll remember long ever after The moonlight and music and dancing are done Will we climb the hills once more? Will we walk the woods together? Will I feel you holding me close once again? Will every song we've sung stay with us forever? Will you dance in my dreams or my arms until then? Under the moon the mountains lie sleeping Over the lake the stars shine They wonder

Merry Christmas 2020

When we were children our parents had a monster open house with lots of food and fun. We even had Laurel and Hardy movies for the children downstairs. We cooked for weeks and every year Mom changed the color scheme for the Christmas tree. The blue/green one with white doves was particularly lovely. This year we will have a quiet Christmas for two and will look forward to when we can have company and students in our home again. Last year I was too overwhelmed to decorate, but we got out everything for this year. It reminds me of the people who gave us these decorations. We are well and send best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful 2021. Sara and Des Merry Christmas from Sara and Des 2020 Christmas Carols: Click on the title for the video Sing along to Jingle Bells and Rudolph O Holy Night on viola Wexford Carol  on viola Lo, How the Rose E’er Blooming on viola Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates  on viola At Home: Wreath from my mother from our first Christmas back in Cedar af